The Trainjumpers have been fine purveyers of original roots rock and roll music in the Ohio Valley since the band's 2007 debut recording "Deadtown" hit the streets. That album received 4.5 stars out of 5 from Graffiti Magazine, which heralded the band as one of the Mountain State's brightest up-and-comers. The single "Deadtown" went on to be included as the no. 42 single on WEGW's end-of-year "Top 75 songs of 2007" charts. In 2009 the band released its second album, "Bring On The Trainjumpers," also to critical success. Steubenville Herald-Star music editor Mark Miller said the band's soul-swinging rhythm section was a throwback to an early 1970s rock heydey. Miller added that "Bring On" counted among the best local recordings ever to come across his desk. Pittsburgh City Paper music columnist Aaron Jentzen echoed Miller's praise. Jentzen compared the Trainjumpers to Beast of Burden-era Rolling Stones and early Dire Straits. Recently, the Trainjumpers released Wide-Eyed Tragic Myth with the help of engineers Rick Witkowski (Studio L), Timothy Boyd and Eric Marple (Perpetual Harmony). Also lending a hand in the creation are Bob Lesnefsky (a.k.a. Righteous B) and long-time visual collaborator, Chris Gorby. The Trainjumpers include drummer Brian Gorby, bassist Scott Harkness, saxophonist Travis Hoard and guitarists, Matt Heusel and Clifton Landis.

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